The original Land Rover Defender hinges are riddled with longevity issues. Due to the construction and materials used rust tends to build up and leak down onto the bodywork staining the paintwork.

The hinges are also prone to dropping meaning the doors don’t always align properly making it much harder to maintain a watertight seal. We have a permanent solution to this problem.

The hinges have been designed and built with high strength Aluminium which in turn is protected with an anodized coating giving a perfectly smooth high strength surface.

The hinge is fitted with a centre bolt made from stainless steel inclusive of a thick helical groove which allows the bolt to hold on to the grease and disperse it evenly. Each component of the hinge is exchangeable right down to the friction bearings to allow for easy maintenance.

On top of all this we provide a new and improved gasket seal to protect the paintwork of your beloved Defender.

Alongside the hinges for the front doors, 2nd row and the rear door we are introducing replacements for the bonnet and matching window blocks.

The all new bonnet hinges are not only the perfect match for the doors being precisely manufactured but also add a further level of theft protection as the original fitting is improved upon no longer allowing anyone to unhook the hood any more.

We already offer to our clients a stainless steel security bolt option but alongside these new hinges we are developing an entire exterior security stainless steel bolt pack to include all hinges, exterior furniture and lights giving you even more peace of mind with the increased security aspect.



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