Bespoke Program


A classic

Iconic and distinctive, the Defender is a classic British vehicle. However, as a workhorse it can often lack the comfort of a modern vehicle. Whether you have an existing vehicle, wish to purchase, or looking to embark on a full restoration, the below areas explore all of the possibilities.


Interior Insight

We turn the Defender’s practicality into something a little more opulent. Your interior style is perfectly matched to your tastes. Upholstery is the finest quality, all in your choice of material, your selection of colour, perhaps contrasted with a choice of stitch and subtle touches to truly personalise.


By Passion

Our experienced technicians can refine the entire mechanics and drive train, so every journey is exhilarating and comfortable from the road up. From ECU upgrades and engine enhancements, to suspension overhauls, finished with new wheels and tyres, we tailor whatever your needs may be to give you the desired performance you can enjoy every journey.


To Digital

You can embrace the latest technology in your Defender with our Single-Din and Double-Din satellite navigation and state-of-the-art audio sound system. Full, crisp and beautifully delivered in a multi-speaker installation, along with the contemporary comfort of Apple CarPlay.