Completed Builds

  1. Jungle Green

    Build No. 165

    Build 163 was uniquely painted in Jungle Green to the clients request and is one of the favourite colours that we have finished a car in. A shade that isn't seen too often making the vehicle even more unique. We also colour coded the rear cross member that just brings a more contemporary aesthetic to the car, almost the equivalent of colour coding bumpers in todays terms.  Adorned with the complimenting Santorini Black external roll cage to finish the exterior.
  2. Montalcino Red

    Build No. 163

    It is very surprising that you could specify such a wonderful colour from the factory on what is widely known as a ' farmers ' vehicle, however we are so very glad that Montalcino Red exists. This Defender 90 station wagon in particular has a simplistic set of Bespoke features to keep it as focused on the functionality as much as possible. These include our 18" Alloy wheels finished in Matte Black wearing the trusty BFGoodrich black circles, Black Aluminium Billet wing top grills, and Bespoke sump guard.
  3. Atlantis Blue – 50th Anniversary

    Build No. TBC

    A build that is one of our most recent commissions and also one we are extremely proud of. It has utilised our restoration program as well as all of our main resources to reinvigorate the whole vehicle. Every detail down to the plastic air-con inserts within the dashboard were sourced to ensure originality. The car is now how it would have been when it left the factory, with a much greater level of paint finish.
  4. Havana Metallic

    Build No. 167

    Another colour that people are always surprised to learn is a factory Land Rover colour option. So unusual at initial glance that it was never really chosen. However like all things, it has gone full circle by becoming rare and desirable which we think is a great thing as it looks wonderful in the sunlight.
  5. Aintree Green

    Build No. 251

    Whilst the Aintree Green is stunning on this latest D110 build of ours, the star of the show is the contrasting silver as the secondary colour. It really brings out all of the upgraded accents to the build that are normally kept incognito to some extent when they are finished in the more popular Matte or Gloss Black
  6. Barolo Black

    Build No. 169

    The colour on this build alone is one we can talk about for a long long time. It seems to tick every box by being understated, yet bold, and it just gives the most interesting character to the vehicle without looking out of place. Paired with the Bespoke D110 roof rack to keep the continuity of the defenders functional heritage.
  7. Autobiography

    Build No. 171

    For this D90, there was no expense spared. The client had seen the factory autobiography cars and liked the aesthetic, however wanted to create more of a personality to his own vehicle. Using a Santorini Black car we had in our own stock as a base, we then re-sprayed the lower half in Matte Corris Grey, a slightly more charcoal shade to the factory autobiography again, to add more of those subtle touches that often go unseen at first glance
  8. Bahama Gold

    Build No. 135

    Without a doubt the most eye catching colour we have painted a Defender, full stop. This Bahama Gold D90 with the convertible canvas roof was completed as the client wanted to create a build for his home in Spain, where the car also lives for half of the year. The other half of which it spends with us back at Bespoke HQ where it is serviced and looked after so it is ready and on the button the minute he wishes to take it back to sunnier climates.
  9. Keswick Green

    Build No. 232

    The one loved by all, the historical colour, the classic. Ladies and Gentleman I give you Keswick Green. Over the years we have completed a fair few builds in this however they never seem to be any less exciting. There's something about a Land Rover being Green that is just right.
  10. Loire Blue

    Build No. 124

    People say black and blue don't go together. This D110 finished in Loire Blue is living proof that is a bit of a 'fib' as we would say in Yorkshire, as it looks stunning even if we may be a touch biased. The metallic paint is set alongside a contrast of Bespoke Front Grills, Light Surrounds and 18" Alloy Wheels, all finished in Matte Black.
  11. Nara Bronze

    Build No. 138

    porting the original style steel wheels finished in Santorini Gloss Black, the Nara Bronze D110 was an earlier build for us at Bespoke. The colour scheme is continued inside with the two tone diamond stitch leather for the front and rear seating as well as the centre console and dashboard being bound in Nappa Leather.
  12. Corris Grey

    Build No. 89

    Self explanatory really. The most popular colour we would have to say, and for very good reason. It suits every environment it is placed in, be it a shoot day on the Yorkshire Moors, covered in the terrain it climbs through with ease. Or parked outside a restaurant in Mayfair.